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Why sitting is not love, it's self-sabotage!

Adventure and movement may take energy and some (good) pain but being inactive and sitting will kill you. Sitting hurts your physical and emotional bodies. When you’re sedentary for long periods of time you risk weight gain, weak legs and glutes, tight hips, heart disease and cancer. Emotionally your risk for anxiety and depression disorders are increased when you sit for long periods of time.

Remember MOTION IS LOTION. Show your body the love it deserves and make daily movement a top priority in 2019!

When you make daily movement a habit, your body will crave more exercise and you’ll naturally find yourself moving more. The same ripple effects occur when you choose sitting. The first step to moving more is to make the choice to do so, and then back it up with a plan to always stand.

Where do you currently spend the most time sitting? Your desk, your car, the couch? The average person spends 13 hours a day sitting, and an additional 8 hours sleeping, dedicating 21 hours a day to being sedentary!

“For every hour we spend sitting in our chairs, we lose two hours of our lives.”

-James Levine, MD, PhD, and Author of Get Up! Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It

Take a STAND for your health. When you sit for too long, you put your health at risk and increase your chances of developing chronic diseases associated with “sitting disease”:

· Heart Disease

· Diabetes

· Cancer

· Back Pain

· Decreased Mobility and Flexibility

· Weight Gain

· Anxiety and Depression

· Higher Risk of Being Disabled

Studies show the damage caused by sitting can’t be offset by exercise. While exercise is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle, the solution to sitting disease is to move more, and more often. You might start with simply standing instead of sitting when you have the chance, and adding in the following activities as part of your plan to stand:

· Set a timer on your phone every 20-min for a stand break. Do a downward dog, run up and down the stairs or hit a squat beside your desk. Have fun with this and encourage those around you to stand up for their health too.

· Walk to work. If you need to drive, choose a parking spot a couple blocks from your destination to add in the extra steps.

· Buy a standing desk or make one at home using what you have to work with such as boxes or milk crates.

· Take your meetings (social or work related) to the streets. Start walking with pals and colleges!

· Get rid of your couch and cancel your cable.

Practising healthy habits is the best form of self-love.

Creating an active lifestyle rich in adventure, exercise and movement costs you nothing, improves all areas of your health and lifts your vibrations. Just say NO to sitting!

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